Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Seitan in slow cooker

3c vital wheat gluten
1/2 c garbanzo flour (= chick pea flour)
1/2 c nutritional yeast
1T poultry seasoning
1t paprika
1t cumin
4T garlic powder or minced garlic
2c water 
1T soy sauce

To Make:
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.
Mix water and soy sauce.
Add wet ingredients to dry and mix.
Knead for 3 minutes. Add more water 1T at a time if needed.
Let rest 10 minutes.
Knead one more minute then shape into an oval and place on top of Rice dressing in slow cooker. It will cook at the same time as the rice on Low for 6 hours.

Serve with Rice Dressing, Mushroom Gravy and Cranberry Sauce.

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