Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Easy Whole Wheat Bread

This is a great time of year to make bread. This is a recipe we make up once a week and have fresh bread for approximately 50 cents a loaf. 

7 c ww flour
1/4 c vital wheat gluten
1 T salt
1 1/2 T yeast
Mix the dry ingredients together 
4 c warm water 100F
Stir the water in until all the flour mixture is wet.
Cover and sit on the counter for 2 hours.

Put in the fridge overnight and for up to two weeks.

We did not want to buy ANOTHER plastic item to store it in so we used the liner from our 6 litre slow cooker. Most of the time the slow cooker is not in use and if we need to use it we can transfer the dough to a metal bowl. 

To Make:
Lightly oil a baking pan.
Pull out dough the size of an orange. 

Immediately after mixing.

After 2 hours at room temperature.

Ready to be refrigerated.

A ball the size of an orange.

Fresh out of the oven.

Roll the dough out flat with a rolling pin and roll it into a log shape and set down to rise on the baking pan. We use a ceramic covered cookie pan.
Brush the top of the loaf with water
Let it rise for two hours. (less if the room is warm)
Turn on oven to 350 degrees F.
Place in oven in middle rack.
Bake 30 to 35 minutes.
Place on cooling rack.
Serve immediately with soup or leave it on the table on a cutting board. It will be eaten in no time!

Except for the tiny bit of oil used to grease the pan this is a fat free recipe.

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