Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Plant Based Diet

18% of carbon emissions are from animal agriculture. Every time we have a meal that is made up of plant foods instead of animal foods we help a little bit. The challenge is to come up with recipes that are attainable to regular busy people. Like all skills, the more we practice the easier it gets.

People who eat only plant based foods are called "Vegan". They usually avoid all animal products in their diet including  meat, fish, dairy (including rennet and whey), poultry, and eggs. They also may avoid products that include silk, leather, fur, wool, honey, beeswax, and any other products made with animal products.

In our experience there are four things that cause people to become vegans.
Concern about the environment.
Concern about third world poverty.
Concern about animal welfare and suffering.
Concern about personal health and wellness.

Perfection is not an attainable goal. Do what you can do today and tomorrow is a new day. Even if we decide to have one additional plant based meal each week it is a contribution to the world.



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